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Short History of Myanmar

Myanmar (Burma) has been home to many different ethnic groups for over four thousand years. The oldest ethnic groups are Mon and Pyu. Mon people are thought to be the earliest group to immigrate into the lower Ayeyarwaddy valley, and by mid 900 BC they were dominant in southern Asia. Pyu arrived later in 1stBC and established several states. In the 9th century the Bamar people migrated from the China-Tibet border region into the present Bagan region and mixed with the origin Pyu people. Later modern Burmese have emerged as the pre-eminent population group.

Pyu city-states: 443 BC – 840 AD
Bagan dynasty: 849-1287
Taungoo dynasty: 1486-1752
Konebaung dynasty: 1752-1885

The first British-Burma war happened in 1824. The British defeated Burmese and Burmese had to cede the western part of Burma and the most southern part. After second British-Burma war in 1852, the lower Burma became under British colony. After the third war in 1885, the whole Burma was under control of British emperor and the last Burmese king and royal family were exiled to India.

By the leadership of General Aung San, Burma got its independence on 4 Jan, 1948.

Colonial era : 1885-1948
Democratic republic : 1948-1962
Socialism : 1962-1988

The States Peace and Development Council: 1989 to present.
The present government changed the name Burma to Myanmar in 1989. Its present name is Union of Myanmar.


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