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Shopping in Myanmar

Myanmar Hand-crafts and Souvenirs
Myanmar is very rich with the art and it is a good shopping place. The prices are very reasonable and most things are cheaper than the other countries. The price for the souvenirs in tourism area and the street vendors are negotiable, not in the local shopping mall, stores and restaurants.

Traditional Myanmar handicraft skills are carefully preserved in families and passed down from generation by generation. It is a true piece of art.
Here are some popular various crafts you can find in Myanmar.

  • Precious stone – Jewellery
  • Lacquer-ware – Silver-ware
  • Bronze, Brass casting – Cupper and iron casting
  • Woodcarving – Stone-sculpting
  • Tapestry – Embroidery
  • Gold leaf – Puppets
  • Silk weaving – Paintings
  • Textiles – Furniture, etc…

Myanmar ruby, sapphire and jade are famous in the world for its quality. Lacquer-ware is the most famous Myanmar traditional handicraft and Bagan and Kyaukkar village are the best places to buy lacquer-ware. Mandalay is the best place to buy Puppets, Tapestry, Gold leaf, wooden craft. Silver-ware, silk weaving can be found in Mandalay and Inle.

If you bought anything of value like jewellery or antique, please get an official purchase certificate from the shop, this will prevent at the airport if you are controlled.


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