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Flora & Fauna

The geographic of Myanmar and climate reflect a rich verity of plants and animals species. 50% of land is covered by the various types of forests, such as tropical, subtropical and temperate forest in northern mountainous region, tidal forest in western and southern coastal region and thorn forest in the central Myanmar which is homed to the thousands of plants, flowers, animals, birds and butterflies species. Teak grows above 3000 m and is one of the famous Myanmar products.

A wide verity of fruit trees and flowers species are presented in Myanmar. Myanmar’s flowers are exotic and some wild flowers are not recorded yet. More than 25 000 species of flowers including 523 species of orchid can be seen in Myanmar.

In the Myanmar forests, tigers and leopards can be seen. And also elephants, rhinoceros, wild buffalos and wild boar can be found as well as many species of deer and antelope in the jungle.

Gibbon, several monkey species, flying fox, tapir and wild cat are living in the central zone too. Some of the common reptiles are crocodiles, pythons, gecko and turtles.

There are 1069 varieties of bird species such as parrot, peacock, crow, pheasant, sparrow, eagle, heron, etc.300 mammal species and 300 different species of reptiles in Myanmar.


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